A complete guide on AOL Desktop Gold signature

A complete guide on AOL Desktop Gold signature

What is an email signature? It is a sign file/sign block that automatically appears at the end of email message. As you start composing an email, this sign file can be seen automatically at the end. An email signature has several benefits. First, you don’t have to type your name/designation etc at the end of the email every time you compose one. Second, this signature can be used as a digital business card as well. People add their name, phone no., company name, designation etc in the email signatures which makes it no less than a digital business card. Third, for brand recognition and to add legitimacy to your account also email signatures proved helpful. So it is advised to save signatures in your email settings so that it appears automatically in every email you compose.

How to save email signature in AOL Desktop Gold?

  1. Log-in to your AOL Desktop Gold email
  2. Click on the mail icon just below the menu bar
  3. Hit ‘Set Mail Signature’ and enter your name and everything you want in your signature
  4. Click on ‘Save’ and log-out. Log-in again to see if the signature is saved
  5. You can also add more than one signature, the procedure for adding the other signature is same
  6. Click on mail iconà set mail signatureàadd new signature
  7. Save the other signature as well.

Now when you have saved more than one email signature; with this arises a new question.

How to set a default signature in AOL Desktop Gold?

  1. Open AOL Desktop Gold and log-in with your account
  2. Hit the mail icon below the menu bar
  3. Go to set email signatures and there from the drop down list of your signatures choose your default signature.
  4. Click ‘ON’ and Save
  5. You will see a blue sign once you set one of your signatures as default.

With the saving signature in your email setting, there comes a problem. Sometimes this signature saved in your AOL Desktop Gold disappears. Every time you re-login your mail, signature you saved earlier disappears.

How to fix this issue?

This problem can occur either due to system settings or due to corrupt AOL Desktop Gold. Follow the step below

  1. Clear Browser’s history, cache and cookies.
  2. Go to control panel and check when your windows updated lately. If you added signatures during the update period, push back the update.
  3. Ensure that the extension of the signature files must be .htm or .html. if it is something else change it to .htm/.html
  4. Scan your device for malware. Presence of malware in system can also cause the signatures to disappear.
  5. Corrupt software can be another possible reason that your signatures aren’t getting saved permanently in your email settings. In that case uninstall the software and install it again from the authorized source.

If still you aren’t able to get back your signature on your email permanently you can give a call on technical support numbers and they will assist you with this issue.

Last but not the least, one more issue which AOL Desktop Gold users face is How to delete the old signatures from email and add a new one?

There are various reasons when you want to change your signatures like, you are promoted and you want to change your designation or you want to change your contact number, or you just want another signature for a change. But how would you do this?

  1. Open AOL Desktop Gold and log-in with your credentials
  2. Tap on the mail icon
  3. Go to set email signature
  4. Choose the signature from the drop down list
  5. Click on ‘Delete’ and hit ‘Yes’ to confirm

Well this was all about the AOL Desktop Gold email signatures. Anything still left which is annoying you get to the support team and enjoy the resolutions.