All you need to know about AOL Error 104

All you need to know about AOL Error 104

Despite the fact that AOL Desktop Gold is getting so much popularity in the internet world, it annoys you sometimes with the technical errors like AOL Error 104. But do not gross out when such errors fall upon; there can easily be fixed. You can fix AOL Error 104 on your own by the help of this guide or you can connect to the technical support people out there to help you get rid of any issues you face corresponding to AOL Desktop Gold. So let’s get started.

Why AOL Error 104 Occurs?

To eradicate the problem completely, we primarily need to understand the associated reasons behind the problem. Below mentioned are some probable causes which bring up AOL error code 104.

  • If you have downloaded corrupted AOL software on your system
  • If the installation process ceased before completion
  • If your Windows registry is corrupted due to a recent download attempt.
  • If your Windows system files got corrupted due to the presence of Virus or malware on your system.

What comes up when AOL Error Code 104 fall out?

Let’s get to know some of the possible symptoms faced by users due this error

  • The active program on your PC will crash when AOL Error Code 104 occurs.
  • AOL Error Message code 104 will flash on your system screen.
  • System windows will turn slugging and won’t respond to mouse clicks or keyboard enters.
  • Your system keeps freezing in between.

How to Resolve AOL Desktop Error Code 104?

 Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  1. Run Antivirus scan on your PC: There is high probability of AOL Desktop Error 104 being associated with the presence of virus or malware. These viruses can alter or even delete the run-time files of the programs installed in your PC. So run a full scan of your PC to ensure your PC is free from virus or malware. If any threats are found; delete them immediately.
  2. Look into System Compatibility: The error can also occur due to incompatible system parameters. Ensure your system possesses the following parameters for the smooth functioning of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Operating Systems compatible with AOL program are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, or Mc
  • Processor of your system must be faster than 266 MHz speed,
  • Your device must have Free Disk Space of at least 512 MB,
  • Its RAM should be of at least 1GB,
  • Your PC must have an Updated Net Framework version 4.5.2,
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 of higher for video streaming
  • High-speed and stable Internet Connection
  1. Free up your system from junk files: There are junk files that get accumulated on your system with the computer activities you do. The accumulation of these files affects the efficiency of system and may trouble the download process causing Error 104 to occur. Hence it is quite important to clean up your disk. This can be done as follows:
  • Open The web browser and hit tools from the top right corner
  • Out of the list, choose ’internet options’
  • On the window opened, go to the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Delete’
  • This will open ‘Delete Browsing History’ , here check on the boxes to delete cookies, cache, history, Temp files and Hit ‘Delete’
  • Close the Internet options’ clicking on OK
  • You can also use ‘cleanmgr’ command to clean the disk using ‘Disk Clean up’
  1. Ascertain the version of your Device Drivers: This error AOL 104 can also come across if the device drivers of your System are outdated. Drivers are mostly updated automatically once their next version is available so we do not bother about keeping a check to it. But sometimes you have to update them manually, so look into your drivers to ensure they are up to date. If not upgrade them to their latest version available.
  1. Undo Recent System Changes: Have you done some changes to your system recently? If yes, conduct a ‘system restore’ to undo the changes and get your PC back to the state when there was no error falling upon. This can be done easily by just typing ‘system restore’ in the search tab. Once the System restore will open, it will reconfirm you by ‘Restore your computer to the state it was in before the selected event’. Click Next and finish the process.
  1. Run Window System files Checker: Corrupted window files can also be a reason of downloading Error 104. This can be done while typing ‘sfc’ in the command window. Hit Enter after typing the command in the command window and this will begin the process. The process may take a while to complete. The issues relating AOL Desktop Gold/Error 104 will be flashed on the command screen. Follow the instructions to fix the issue
  1. Update Windows: If the updates are available for your Windows, conduct window update. Once you upgrade the system files, it will resolve all run-time and download issues on your System. Check for the availability of updates by typing “update” in the search tab. As you select “Check for Updates” option, a Windows update dialog box will pop up. If any update is available, select and Install.

Is the AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 not resolved yet? Contact the technical support to come out the trouble straightaway.