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Latest News, video & much more only with your trustful AOL App

Now it is very simple & easy to access AOL Mail anytime you want because AOL Inc. has launched its Mail app known as “AOL App.” If you want to download AOL app click on the link download AOL Mobile app on the play store or Apple store. AOL App provides remarkable features for Android &iOS operating system users. When you will download & install this App on your device then you must add AOL email account. After that, you will be able to access Mail, latest news, video & weather forecast and more with the help of free AOL app. If you don’t have an idea how to install AOL app on your device then just go through the steps described below.

How to download & install AOL Mobile App:

If you want to learn how to download & install the AOL app perform the steps described here. Just go through the steps one by one respectively.

  1. Click on the home screen of your smartphone.
  2. Now tap on the Google play store if you are Android users.
  3. The iOS users need to open Apple store on their smartphone.
  4. On the search bar type AOL App.
  5. Now you have to click on the AOL app download link.
  6. After complete downloading, you can opt for the installation
  7. Finally, configure your AOL Mail on the app and set up the account.
  8. Enjoy the email messages, news feed and much more on your AOL app.
Aol App for mac

The system required for AOL App:

To utilize the service of AOL App you must know which operating system and version you should have. For AOL app installation your device must match with the criteria given below:

For Android users: Those people who want to install this app on their smartphone must have android version 4.1 on their device.

For iOS users: For iOS device, users must have its latest version 9.3. This app support only 9.3 or other latest version

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Features of AOL Mobile App:

If you are still not aware with features of AOL app then you can get it here. If you found that these features are really awesome and useful then proceed to install AOL mobile app on your device. Let’s have a look what are the features of AOL Mobile App.

  1. Ability to access AOL email account:
  2. With the help of AOL app, you can easily access the AOL mail anytime.
  3. Only you have to configure your AOL webmail on the AOL app.
  4. It has amazing tools like a reminder, clock, sticky notes etc. which you can use to make your work easy.
  5. Now the users of AOL app can delete, mark, remove and flag the emails by just one click.
  6. Powerful searching for important email messages.

Get latest News feed on AOL app

  1. This app allows its users to read updated news feeds for instant related to sports, entertainment, politics, business etc.
  2. You can turn on the push notification by which you will get breaking news and stories as notification.
  3. Even if you want can watch online TV through your AOL app.

Weather forecast:

  1. Whether you have to go outside or planning for outing no need to take tension for weather.
  2. Your AOL app has a great feature for weather forecasting.
  3. Just one tap require to find the weather condition of your location.

Enjoy AOL Video:

  1. Now AOL app has much more for your entertainment. Click on its video section and you are ready to get top news, funny and buzz video clips on this app.
  2. Now you don’t have to get bored while working when this app has such amazing features for you. On the email app, you can not only watch these video but can share also on the social media.
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When this Mail has so many things for you then why you are wasting your time to access email via browser? Just proceed for AOL app download and feel the freedom to utilize these exclusive features on your figure tip. If you are going to download it then make sure you have opted for latest AOL Mobile app download link. If in case you are having any kind of trouble just get help via customer care team. If you are having any problem in updating news feed in the AOL App or want to adjust the auto-play settings then there is no need to feel frustrated. The one stop solution to all the queries related to your AOL app will be resolved when you will install AOL App once again on your device. Just make sure that you do the installation from the authorized source only like for the Android, use Google play store and in case of IOS, use the Apple store to get the app.