AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding | Troubleshoot Guide

AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding | Troubleshoot Guide

Even knowing some wonderful features of AOL Desktop Gold, there are times when it starts deluding you. With all the errors it comes across, it sometimes leaves the user unsatisfied. But this is the guide that ensures you that even if you are facing certain errors; everything is resolvable. You can resolve the errors on your own with the guides like this blog or you can connect to 24*7 technical support for immediate assistance. Here in this blog we will be providing step by step approach to an issue when your AOL Gold Icon doesn’t respond. This issue can come up as follows.

  • - AOL Desktop Gold icon not responding
  • - AOL Desktop Gold not opening
  • - AOL Desktop Gold stopped working
  • - AOL Desktop Gold shortcut not responding
  • - Error message ‘AOL Desktop Gold isn’t responding, close the program’

Basic Steps to troubleshoot the issue

Ensure the system compatibility: Check if the device parameters are suitable with the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold

Check for the internet connectivity: Bad internet or connectivity issues bring in most of the problems to your PC.  And for AOL Desktop Gold to work smoothly, you are supposed to have a stable, high-speed internet connection with you. So troubleshoot network connections and Modem (or any other hardware) if you are facing any AOL Desktop Gold related issue. This can be done as follows:

  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel’
  • And choose ‘Network and Sharing Center’
  • Look for ‘Troubleshoot Problems’ and Then Choose ‘Troubleshoot Internet’ You can also click on ‘Network Adapter’ to troubleshoot for Ethernet, wireless network, or other network adapters as suitable.

If issue still prevails, you can contact your network service provider

Restart your Device: This restarting thing also works most of the times with most of the issues. How? What happens is continuous usage of PC for hours may result in number of programs running in the background and thus clogging the RAM. Once you restart you system; it will help the RAM to clear up. And consequently making your AOL Desktop Gold(or any other program) run efficiently.

Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold: Though we know AOL Desktop Gold comes with the automatic update feature, if somehow the feature isn’t working you can update the version manually too.

Check if your PC is infected: Run a scan on your PC to check for the presence of Malwares or viruses. These system threats sometimes do not let the program to open. So scan your system and remove all the viruses or malware threats from it

Try the below steps:

  • Go to control Panel
  • Manage another account, select ‘user accounts in the next popped window
  • Hit the new user account and make a new icon to check if it works
  • If the new account works, delete the previous one.

Well the above mentioned were just basic troubleshooting steps which anyone with very basic knowledge can try. But if these aren’t working for you; here are some advanced troubleshooting steps. But to execute them you need to be technically strong in computer

Search for Software’s Source files

  • Right click on the AOL Gold icon
  • Select ‘Properties’ from the drop down list
  • A dialogue box will appear from where you can copy the URL of the targeted file
  • Paste that url in your web browser and see if the files are available.
  • If they aren’t available, delete the icon
  • Now in AOL Gold Folder which you can find in the c drive (or in the drive you downloaded it on) look for the similar icon.
  • Click on the same to check if it works
  • If yes create a shortcut on desktop again and if no you might need to reinstall the software

Uninstall and reinstall

With all the steps tried, when you realize that AOL Desktop Gold isn’t working, uninstall the software from your PC and then reinstall it again from the official website of AOL.

  • Go to control Panel and click add/remove program
  • Search for AOL Desktop Gold from the list of installed programs on your PC
  • Remove the program following the window prompts
  • Once you are done with uninstallation, download the AOL Desktop again from its website
  • Follow the instructions and download it again

Keep a check on your internet connectivity during the software download

Temporarily disable Firewall and security Programs

Sometimes these programs do not allow some softwares like AOL Desktop Gold to access internet for security reasons; so in that case your AOL Gold won’t work.

  • Open the anti-virus program
  • Choose ‘web and email protection’ in the security center window
  • Hit ‘Firewall-on link’
  • From there you can turn-off the button to disable firewall
  • Take a time of an hour to get it enabled again(you will asked by a window pop-up , when to start running firewall again)

System Restore

The last what we can do is perform system restore. Follow the steps underneath:

  • Go to the start menu and click on ‘Help and support’
  • Then hit ‘Pick a task’ and then undo change to the computer using ‘system restore’
  • Follow the prompts to complete the restoration process.

If the issue still isn’t resolved; connect to the certified technicians at AOL Desktop Gold 24*7 support service to assist you.