AOL Desktop Gold Installation Guide

AOL Desktop Gold Installation Guide

The new version of AOL is a magnificent web interface where the users can explore pretty much every thing associated with internet under the same platform. We call it AOL Desktop Gold. Chatting, emailing, web browsing, streaming audios and videos, playing games you can do all under the same roof of AOL Desktop Gold. This is also one of the best browsers offered by AOL in terms of efficiency and security. Here in this blog you will get a step by step installation process guide of AOL Desktop Gold. While installing if you still need some assistance you can always unhesitatingly connect to AOL Desktop Gold technical support. To connect you can use any method like call, chat or email.

Before we go along with the installation thing there are few points that you should keep in mind

  1. Your system must possess the attributes which are necessary to download AOL Desktop Gold. This system requirements for this software is as follows:
  • - Operating System: Windows 7 or newer windows, or Mac
  • - 512 MB free Hard Disk Space
  • - 1 GB RAM
  • - Stable and high speed Internet connection
  • - Internet Explorer 7+ or other browsers with their latest versions
  • - 266 MHz or faster computer processor
  • - 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution
  1. You must download the software from the AOL’s official website. Downloading the software from unauthorized sites can lead to the download of corrupt software files. Which of course will create problem during installation or afterwards.

Steps to Install AOL Desktop Gold on your Computer

Step1: Open the download folder or the folder where you have saved the downloaded software

Step2: Look for the ‘Install_AOL_Desktop’ icon

Step3: Run the executable file

Step4: Hit ‘Install Now’ to finish software installation on your PC

What if Installation of AOL Desktop Fails ???

Installation failures can be in the any of the following ways:

  • If you face AOL Desktop Error 104.
  • If you are using Windows 10 you may get an installation hitch saying: "Your computer is running communication software that cannot be used while installing this software".


 “Cannot install AOL 9.7 error; communication software is running and won't allow the installation”.

  • Also you may encounter Windows error saying “Please re-run this AOL installer as a normal user instead of run as administrator.”

Troubleshooting Installation failures

    1. Quick fixes for AOL Desktop Gold Error 104
    • - Scan your Pc for any Malware or virus
    • - Ensure System Compatibility with the software
    • - Get Rid of Junk files
    • - Update System Drivers
    • - Use System Restoration method
    • - Run Windows System File Checker
    • - Update Windows
    1. To deal with Error like “Please re-run the AOL installer as a normal user instead of run as administrator”.
    • - To begin to gear up with this type of installation error Firstly, Disable firewall, anti-virus, and windows defenderin your system.
    • - Further, restart your computer in order to apply the saved changes.
    • - If the problem still holds on, right click on ‘AOL installer.exe’ file. Then, scroll to ‘Properties’ and remove the check mark from “Run as an administrator” box.
    • - Make sure to apply changes and then hit OK button. If you directly click OK changes won’t get saved and error will not pass off.
    1. To fix error “Communication software is running and won't allow AOL Gold installation”
    • - Now the issue is, the error does not tell which application is currently running. So, quickly fix the issue using the following guide.
    • - Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys from the keyboard. Then, seek “Task Manager” option from the available options.
    • - Then, open the “Processes” tab and look for for ‘waol.exe’ file from the catalog. Right-click on this file and Hit “End process” to resolve the error.
    • - If the same error still persists, you might need to perform a clean boot in Windows.

    If you still face any installation error and you are not able to fix it via this guide connect technical support and get the resolution to tour problem right away from the experienced and technically efficient executives of AOL Technical support.