AOL Desktop Login error in Microsoft Outlook

AOL Desktop Log-in error in Microsoft Outlook

Emailing is the major mode of communication these days; especially at work. And in this multi tasking generation where people are doing a regular full-time job as well as freelancing or other business activity, they need to have multiple email accounts. So effectually users these days own multiple email accounts for personal and official communication. Also it is advantageous to them if the email services they are using are interconnected. AOL Desktop Gold is compatible with various webmail services and Operating systems and so facilitates its users with interconnectivity feature. AOL Gold also is provides interconnectivity and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Which means you can access your AOL Desktop Gold email by the use of Microsoft outlook. This is a great deal for the users with outlook account as well as AOL Gold account. But sometimes users face some technical glitches in this process; and they aren’t able to log-in their desktop Gold account from Microsoft outlook. This error falls out because of some dissonance in account settings. Go along the below write up to know more on this

Fixes for AOL Desktop Log-in error in Microsoft Outlook

If you want to log-in to your AOL Desktop Gold email account using Microsoft Outlook you are supposed to see if your AOL Desktop Gold account is in well-sync with Microsoft Outlook. To start with the synchronization process you first have to ensure that you have good enough internet connectivity on your device. Internet is required to sync AOL and outlook flawlessly. You can sync them both manually altering the server settings. Follow the steps below to attempt for the same:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to ‘account settings’
  • Choose ‘add account’ and mark the choice for ‘manual set up or additional server types’
  • Hit ‘IMAP’ or ‘POP’ button
  • Enter the below information in the opened window

Account type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

  • Upon reaching the log-in information section you need to type your AOL Desktop Gold credentials i.e your username and password
  • Continue by clicking ‘More settings’ and then further selecting ‘Outgoing Server’
  • Check the box stating ‘use same settings as my incoming mail server’
  • Add advanced settings and enter the following information

Incoming Server: 993 or 143

Incoming Server encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing Server: 587

Outgoing Server encrypted connection: TLS

  • Click OK and close the program
  • Restart the Microsoft Outlook to save the changes made

The above mentioned are the exact settings required to sync your AOL with Outlook. If there is still a log-in error, once again review the changes you made. If the problem is all the same and not resolved; contact technical support and get quick resolution to your problem.