Discover the right process to setup AOL account on your new System

Discover the right process to set up AOL account on your new System

The excitement of buying a new machine with enhanced technological features is big but transferring all the important files, setting up all your email accounts, saving all the passwords again on a new machine seems effortful. So here in this blog, let’s find out

 “How to set up AOL Account on a new Computer??” So if you also need assistance, dig in to the following assumptions with their solutions.

By getting a new computer we can assume that you replaced the same because earlier crashed due to certain reasons. So start with setting up your computer’s BIOS. Once done, you can now reinstall compatible Windows Operating System. To get this task done you will be needing ‘Windows device recovery’ tool. The system kit also contains drivers and application disk, so do not mix up them with Recovery disks. Follow the steps to install the Windows OS on your System:

  1. Connect the recovery USB or insert disk in your system.
  2. Press the Start button on your System and tap F12 on the keyboard. This will allow you to enter boot device selection menu.
  3. Choose the option (the device that contains the recovery software) from the list and hit ENTER.

If the installation finishes with no issues you can now use your System. Now you have to reinstall all the softwares you need on your System using their set up or exe. Files.

And so happens with AOL Desktop Gold; you need to download the software again as per your subscription with AOL. If you are subscribed as an AOL Advantage Plan member, just login to your account and download AOL Desktop Gold from the list under “All Products”. And if you were a Premium subscriber when your system crashed, hit “Get Started” in your AOL account on your new computer.

Well you are always told that favorites import automatically when you set up your account again; but it doesn’t happen. You cannot expect your favorites to be restored on a new System.

How to Set Up AOL Account on a new Machine?

If you’re wondering-“How do I setup existing AOL account,” then just relax. There are indeed two ways to set up this software on your new computer.

  • - Through the Compact Disk containing the software
  • - Through Internet access.

Setup AOL Gold using a Compact Disk

Go along the steps provided:

  1. Switch on your new device with the OS installed.
  2. If you had set up a password, type username and password to get in the Desktop window.
  3. Insert the CD containing AOL software. Let the disk load in the system.
  4. As the Disk program loads, the setup itself will begin. If it doesn’t, go to ‘My Computer’ and double-click the drive with CD. This will open the CD drive; search for the .exe file and start the installation process.
  5. As the .exe file starts, click on current member option in the setup wizard window.
  6. Further followed by “Adding your existing account to this computer” option, hit the “Next” button.
  7. Now choose the location, where you want to setup your existing AOL Desktop Gold software.
  8. Lastly, click ‘continue’ and wait for your existing Desktop Gold software to get installed in your new system.
  9. Remove the CD once the installation is complete and restart the system.

Now, type your AOL Desktop Gold account credentials to start the software. Make sure you are connected with internet.

Setup AOL Gold Account directly from Internet

After installing Windows OS on your new System you can have access to all AOL features. Just visit the AOL official website using the Internet. Similarly, you can download and install AOL Desktop Gold just with stable and good speed internet connectivity on your system. Explore the AOL website and look for the download link for AOL Desktop Gold. Enter your membership info when asked and you are ready to go.

How to Copy AOL Data to New Computer?

When you system is all set with the OS and the AOL Desktop Gold installed on it. Log-in to the AOL Desktop Gold but what next??? How difficult would it be to work without your contacts, previous emails and favorites? How to transfer all your data to new device; know here

Move AOL PFC to New Computer

Moving AOL emails and folders, contacts, favorites, from your old computer to a new one is not really a difficult job. What you need is a folder named PFC which stands for Personal Filing Cabinet and AOL’s application window. To start with coping the PFC follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the PFC file from your old system.
  2. Go to All Programs from Start Menu and look for AOL. Open AOL System Information.
  3. A window will open, in the window hit the AOL Software tab and then click on ‘Open data folder’. The folder name can be different for the different versions.
  4. Now Open AOL Gold version your system is running.
  5. Then click on “Organize” folder and look for the file which contains your AOL account username
  6. Right click on it and select “Copy” from the drop down list..
  7. Again click on “Organize” folder and close AOL System Information Window.
  8. At last, paste and save this PFC file on desktop.
  9. Email this PFC file to yourself on AOL Desktop mail.

Now, to install PFC on the new computer,

  1. Open the mail you sent with the PFC file attached in it.
  2. Hit the icon with down arrow which depicts “Download now”. Confirm by clicking yes if asked.
  3. Click on download now icon again followed by “Save in” option.
  4. Save the file on desktop. Your Personal Filing Cabinet will be saved on the new computer now.
  5. Now, go to desktop and right-click the file containing your username to select “cut” option from the drop down list.
  6. Go to All programs and select AOL. Open AOL System Information
  7. On the window just opened, Hit the AOL Software tab. Click on “Open data folder”. The folder can be different for different version of AOL Gold.
  8. Open the AOL Desktop Gold and double-click the “Organize” folder. Right-click on the folder’s right pane and select the “Paste” option from the drop down list.
  9. Confirm ‘Yes’ when asked for the replacement of current username folder.
  10. Close all folders and also AOL System information window to see the PFC file on your new computer.
  11. Now just log-in to your account and access all stored emails from your old system.

Export AOL Contacts

To import AOL Gold contacts in a new computer,

  1. Sign-in to your AOL Gold account on your old system.
  2. Click on contacts under the menu on the left-side of the window. Select Tools under the Contacts Window.
  3. In the drop down list you will find an Export option. Select the file type for saving contacts.
  4. Click on Export button and the file will be saved on your computer.
  5. Save this file on a USB.
  6. Now, on the new computer, attach the USB and login your account.
  7.  Get to the contacts window and then Tools and further click ‘Import from the drop down list’
  8. Select the contacts file from the location it is save or directly from USB drive. Click on Import button to confirm the action.

Now you can see your contacts in the window.

Export AOL Favorites to New Device

Your favorites automatically get import to your new system via your account but if it doesn’t You can reinstall them by downloading the related file from your old system and reloading it to the  new one.

Go along with the below steps to export AOL favorites:

  1. Log-in to your AOL account from your old computer.
  2. Connect a USB drive to save the file.
  1. As you enter in to your main page of AOL account and click on the ‘favorite’
  2. Click “Manage” and choose “Save my favorites as a file on the computer.”
  3. You can see a file getting downloaded on your old system. Save the file on USB and eject.
  4. Connect the USB to your new device.
  5. Now sign in to your AOL account on the new computer and click “Manage”..
  6. In the end, choose “Replace my Favorites places with a favorite files” option and browse the file from the USB drive. Your favorites will now appear in your new computer.

Still issues with setting up AOL account or transferring its data on the new computer? Get in here for the instant help. AOL offers 24*7 support services to its users for their bettered experience with AOL products.