Font issue with AOL Desktop Software

Font issue with AOL Desktop Software

AOL Desktop Gold users are facing issues with Fonts customization. They aren’t able to alter the Font style or font size or in some cases both. And there is no big trouble to be resolved in same; they face this issue simple because they cannot locate the option from where they can change Font. Do not worry; you can have the font of your choice in your composed email by the help of configuration tool. By the help of this tool embedded in AOL Desktop Gold software you can alter size and type of the font easily.

Follow the steps below to do the same:

  1. Log-in to your AOL Desktop Gold providing the precise credentials
  2. Look for the ‘settings’ icon on the top of the AOL Desktop Gold Window
  3. Select ‘A-Z Index’ tab and further select ‘Font and Text’ from F section
  4. Access ‘Font and text settings’ header and choose the first option of the drop-down box on left
  5. Select you Text for which you want to change the font style and scroll down the font types until you get the one you want to use for your text.
  6. To adjust the font size, In ‘Font and text settings’ choose the option at the immediate right of the drop down box; scroll up till your desired size is achieved.
  7. To the right of the font number you can also find the text formatting options like Bold, Italics, Underline, font color
  8. Click on the Save button under settings. Make a note that if you won’t save, the customization that you made for your font will not apply.

These steps are going to help you customize your font settings but there are also cases that even after applying all above steps; users face issues like:

  • Font type and Font Sizes arbitrarily gets changed on sent emails of AOL Desktop Gold
  • While you are type an email in AOL software; fonts automatically keep changing
  • Font size gets too small that it is nearly impossible to read

If you are also facing one such issue; try to resolve following the steps below:

  1. Log-in to your AOL mail account and hit ‘options’. Further go to ‘Mail settings’   
  2. Then, start Composing a new message and look for Rich Text/HTML by tapping on ‘Compose’ on the left panel.
  3. Check the box with the option ‘Use rich text editing option’ and Save the settings at last.
  4. Temp files and cache can also cause issue at times. So flush these useless files using the commands on Command prompt.
  5. Now again try to compose the email by choosing the font type and font size as per your requirement. Hopefully you are now out of this font trouble.
  6. If you constantly facing this trouble; try to log-in your account from some other device.
  7. If you feel that things are working well on the other device; this may be the sign that AOL Desktop Gold files are getting corrupted in your device.
  8. To fix these files you need to uninstall the software and reinstall it again
  9. Also make sure you system is free from viruses or malwares; these can also be the reason for the corrupt software files. \
  10. Be that as it may, if you can see AOL font issue on this other device as well, you can try customizing the font size by using short cut keys i.e holding the CTRL key with '+' or '-' sign
  11. To increase the font size, use CTRL + '+' key and for reducing the font size, use CTRL+ '-' key.

If nothing is working for you; get the help of AOL Technical Support professionals.