AOL Desktop Gold Update for Window

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

Is your AOL Desktop Gold software is not working in an accurate manner? Is it showing error codes like Error 104? All this can be really frustrating when you have an assignment to deliver or a presentation to prepare or you simply want to respond to an email your boss just sent you. If your AOL Desktop Gold isn’t working well, there must be something wrong in the background. But the question springs up here is “How to resolve this issue? How to make AOL Desktop Gold work flawlessly?”

This problem can be resolved by uninstalling AOL Desktop gold from your system and further reinstalling it again. Make sure your computer fulfills all the system requirements of AOL Desktop Gold otherwise even after reinstalling it will not perform the way it should. Also follow the below steps carefully to uninstall and reinstall; this guide will surely help you avoid any challenges.

Abide by the under mentioned steps to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

If you cannot locate the AOL Desktop Gold update button or file in the software itself- NO Worries! We have another solution to help you find the Desktop Gold update. The process is as follows:

Step1: Before you start, close all the ongoing programs on your computer.

Step2: Navigate to Control Panel > Programs> Programs and Feature > Uninstall a Program

  • Look for the AOL Desktop Gold in the list of the programs installed on your computer.
  • Once you find the software in the list; click on it and tap the option ‘uninstall’ to wipe it off from the system.
  • A wizard window will pop up where you can see uninstall in progress. You will be notified ‘uninstall finished’ when done. Restart the system before you reinstall the software,.

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold?

As you remove the AOL Desktop Gold from your system, here is how you reinstall it. Simply follow the steps below to avoid any confusion.

Step1: Visit the official website of AOL and search for the ‘Download Now’ link for AOL Desktop Gold.

Step2: Give a quick check to the system requirement and click on the link to download the executable file.

Step3: Go to the location where you saved the setup file on your computer. Click on the.exe file and run the program.

Step4: Stick to the on-screen installation instructions to effortlessly install the AOL Desktop Gold software.

Step5: As the installation completes, restart your system (windows icon>power button>restart)

Login with your account credentials and enjoy this great platform where you can email, web surf, video stream, play games, chat and a lot more. If you are still facing any troubles with your AOL Desktop Gold; feel free to reach the customer support team of AOL. With AOL Desktop Gold they offer a free 24*7 live support to its users.