Impressive features of AOL Desktop Gold enlisted

Impressive features of AOL Desktop Gold enlisted

Well when we talk about AOL Desktop Gold, we talk about its features like enhanced security, automatic upgrade, bookmark option, and searching, chatting, emailing and browsing all at a same place. But there are more minute features that AOL users should know to enjoy and benefitted with everything AOL is offering. Here in this guide let’s learn about some such features how to make use of it.

  1. AOL Desktop Gold imports your bookmarks and saved passwords from Chrome

Let’s learn how to import your bookmarks and saved passwords from Google Chrome into AOL Desktop Gold.

Yes, AOL Desktop Gold also facilitates its users by the option of importing their saved web addresses and passwords from Google Chrome, making the switch to Desktop Gold much easier. Follow the steps below and get all your bookmarks and passwords in your new web interface AOL Desktop Gold.

  1. Sign in to your AOL Desktop Gold.
  2. Follow the navigation as below :

SettingsàBrowser-àImport à Import from menuàChromeàImport Now

  1. Change your email’s font, format, and more in AOL Desktop Gold

Find out how to beautify your emails by changing font face, font color, adding pictures, hyperlinks and more in AOL Desktop Gold. For all this editing in your email you need to use Editor Menu. Follow the steps below:

1.     Open AOL Desktop and sign-in with your account

2.     Click on the ‘write icon’ at the top of the window. There in the drop down menu you will find all the options to edit your email beautifully. The options are as follows

•  Select a font.
•  Change font size.
•  Bold font.
•  Italicize font.
•  Underline words.
•  Choose a text color.
•  Choose a background text color.
•  Change your emails format.
•  Add emoticons.
•  Find and replace text, clear formatting, or add the time.
•  Insert a saved image.
•  Insert a hyperlink.

  1. Personalize zoom settings in your AOL Desktop Gold

Sometimes when you find the right content, you don’t find it readable. In that case AOL Gold is a life saver. You can adjust zoom settings easily while you surf on internet for your next important project. The text on certain websites isn’t readable due to poor screen resolution, smaller text size, eye hostile font and hapless compatibility with your browser. To fix such issue you can adjust zoom settings in your AOL Desktop Gold. This can be done as follows:

  1. Open AOL Desktop Gold and sign-in with your username and password
  2. Visit the webpage you want to apply zoom settings to
  3. You can determine the current zoom settings in the bottom right corner of the window
  4. Click on +  or –  to adjust zoom settings
  1. Modify your background image, sounds, and toolbar in AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold allows you to personalize the appearance and enjoy the experience with this software. Know how to make it right as yours:

Get at your settings to see various options that allow you make it your own, just like updating the notification sounds, altering the colors employed, and picking out from any of your own images or the vast Flickr collection to personalize your background.

  • Change your background image
  1. Sign in to AOL Desktop Gold.
  2. Follow :

SettingsàPersonalizationà BackgroundsàChoose libraryà image

  • Change your notification and greetings sounds
  1. Open and Sign in to Desktop Gold.
  2. Hit clicks as follows:

 Settings à PersonalizationàSoundsàcustomize my soundsà select categoryà Apply

  • Change the appearance of your toolbar
  1. Sign in to Desktop Gold.
  2. Follow the path

SettingsàPersonalizationàToolbar tab.

  1. Customize your settings:
  • Set the color to be randomized
  • Change the color of the toolbar text
  • Change the background color of the toolbar
  1. Edit your personal dictionary in AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold spell checks your text when you write an email. Get a line how to make this spell check feature better for your use.

This spell check feature is really efficient when composing emails. Improve its efficiency by keeping your personal dictionary in your AOL Desktop Gold. The words you impart in your personal dictionary will not be flagged during spell check of your text. How to do this ?? Check below:

  1. Open AOL and Sign in from your account.
    2. Hit the ‘Settings’ button at the top of the window.
    3. Then MailàSpell check
    5. Click Add once you type in a word and this word will now be added to your personal dictionary.

Use these key features of AOL Desktop Gold and make the most out of it. Enjoy your journey of work with Desktop Gold