AOL Desktop Gold Update for Window

Issue with Receiving mails on AOL Gold | Resolved

This wonderful software called as AOL Desktop Gold is pulling ahead with its amazing features and functioning. This software is the improved version of AOL Desktop; so if you are already a AOL Desktop user, this interface will provide you comfortable, familiar though improved experience as a web interface. The software offers you to chat, email, web surf, play games, stream videos, play songs all at one place. Be that as it may such amazing features and efficiency of this software, it makes its users face certain issues. One such issue is with receiving emails. Users encounter problems with receiving mail in AOL Desktop Gold. If you are also confronting the same issue, the steps below will help you fix this.

Learn How to Fix Problems Receiving Mail

If you are able to log in and check your mails in AOL Desktop Gold but not receiving new mails, then this guide will assist you to fix the issue effectively.

  • Look into your engaged filters

Sometimes a filter forbids an email to land in to your inbox and send it either to the trash folder or to some other folder. To resolve this issue, you may need to ascertain the filters that you have created to ensure your incoming messages are well organized.

  • Know about delivery delays

Messages are delivered right away when you hit the send button. There are very small chances of experiencing a delay in transit of a message. But if a delay happens, this can be due to the issues with the mail server or due to routing issues. Delays can also occur due to heavy internet traffic.

Well it is difficult to decide if the message is delayed or missed. What can be done to check this situation is asking the sender to resend the message and see if it is delivered in second time.

  • Look for your lost mail in Spam folder

At times you feel you missed a mail and when you check your SPAM folder you realize that the mail isn’t missed but landed in SPAM folder. So whenever you feel a mail is missed first thing you should do is check you spam folder.  Also if you find your missed mail in SPAM folder mark this mail as ‘not spam’ to avoid landing the mail from this user again as Spam. How to mark mail as not spam ? Read below:

  • Login to your AOL Mail.
  • Click on the Spam Folder.
  • Select  the message you want to mark as ‘not spam’
  • Hit the ‘not spam’ option at the top of the page.

If nothing works, the last thing that can be done is uninstalling and reinstalling the software. But this will take quite an amount of work and time. So before you do this, contact the technical support. They may be able to provide some other efficient solution to your problem. These tech people are best at resolving these common issues straightaway.