AOL Desktop Gold Update for Window

Set up Your AOL Email account on your new device

It is something very exciting to get yourself a new computer or laptop. Now you feel all refreshed to work with that pace. But when you turn it on you realize that you are actually finding it very difficult to work on it. Why? Because it doesn’t contain any of your important documents, your saved passwords, saved email addresses and none of your mail is configured on it. So this is really irksome to get everything set up. You will somehow transfer your important documents to your new system, then too you will need to manually configure your email addresses. If you are an AOL account user following are some choices you can make to set up your mail account.

  • Use your browser to visit the AOL website
  • Use a mail program
  • Use AOL Desktop Gold

All of these has its own advantages and disadvantages; see which one works best for you.

AOL Website

The easiest way to have your email on your system is in your browser. Why to go on with all the lame process of configuration and everything. Just keep an extra tab open in your browser while you work; if you frequently check mails. Otherwise just check your mail and close the tab.

To go over your email through the website, open your browse, you can use any browser say Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Once you click open your browser, visit the AOL website and search for the mail icon which seems like a small envelope. Type your AOL credentials and log-in.  

Mail Program

Mail programs are the applications which let you have all your email accounts at one place. You can check emails from multiple accounts on the same platform. These apps works best for the people who own multiple official accounts or those who would like to access personal and official emails at the same time.

To set up your Mail App, (offered by windows10)go to the start menu, which is the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. Scroll up to Mail and then open it. When the app opens, click on “Other Account” and enter your AOL email and password. You can add more than one email address in the same way. Play along the window prompts and instructions to finish setting up your account.

Just like Mail app works with windows 10, for Mac Os we have Apple Mail. Apple Mail is the same application that works for Apple computers. Just like in Mail app, here too you can add multiple accounts and see all the emails in one inbox. If you wish you can also separate your mails for each email address.

To configure your AOL email address in Apple Mail, look for the mail icon on your dock, which resembles a postage stamp. If you are using this app for the first time, you will get a prompt to add an email address. If you do not get a prompt, click on ‘Mail’ in the menu and then go to ‘add account’. Type your AOL email address and password in the fields provided. Abide by the instructions and prompts you receive to finish setting up your email account.

AOL Desktop Gold

If you are looking for a committed AOL application where you can browse web, check your email,  get AOL related news, AOL Desktop Gold is an only option. AOL Desktop Gold is a web browser that incorporates your AOL email. If you are an AOL advantage Plan member, it is free of cost for you else you can go for a paid subscription.

To set up AOL Desktop Gold, you will need your system to fulfill the system requirements of this software. These are like Windows 7 or higher version/ mac, 512 free hard disk space, 1 GB RAM, internet connection, fast computer processor at least of 266 MHz and minimum of 1024*768 screen resolution. To download the app you can directly go to ‘My benefits’ section and click on AOL Desktop Gold (if you are an advantage plan member) or else you can visit the AOL official website to download the software.

If you encounter any issues while setting up your email account on your new device; you can also contact the AOL technical support team to help you configuring your mail straight off.