Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Error 400103

Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Error 400:103

Is AOL Desktop Gold Error 400:103 annoying you? This error falls out when you try to send some mail via your AOL Desktop Gold mail. But why does this error bump into? Let’s find out.

What is AOL Desktop Gold error 400:103?

If you see Error 400:103 on your screen, this indicates that there are two errors that took place simultaneously on your device.

  1. Error code 400: This error showcase that server has denied your request to send mail. This could be due to overindulgence of single action.
  2. Error code 103: This error occurs when server questions your authentication. This error comes up when multiple requests for single action is issued by the user. For an instance if you are sending mail to hundred of users at the same time, this error will crop-up

So when you encounter Error 400:103, it intends that server denied your request to send mail because it distrusts your AOL authentication.

Well there could be other reasons user come across this error. To know check the enlisted reason below and figure out which one impacted you.

Why AOL Desktop Gold error 400:103 encountered on your screen?

  1. Improper or faulty installation: Keep a check that the software must be downloaded from the authorized website. If there is a faulty or incomplete installation, this error can probably pop-up.
  2. Corrupt Window Registry files: If the Windows registry files gets corrupt due to certain reasons that implies all the programs on your device are gonna trouble you with one or the other error code. AOL Desktop Gold in this case will flash error 400:103
  3. Infected system: Malwares and viruses are so powerful that they can spoil your system as well as the programs installed. These unwanted guests can take full control of the programs and may result in various error codes popping up on your system.
  4. Client Error: Incorrect spelling or syntax of the mail addresses mentioned makes it hard for the server to understand the request thus resulting in Error 400:103
  5. Too large mail: If the mail to be sent is too heavy, either due to the attached file or the mail itself. This could also be the reason for falling up of Error 400:103. Ensure the maximum size of your mail must not exceed 25MB

Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Error 400:103 via steps below:

  1. Check the spellings and syntax of the web addresses mentioned in the ‘To’ section
  2. Scan your PC and delete all the reported threats
  3. Temporarily disable firewall and other security programs from your PC. Enable them again once the issue is resolved
  4. Remove all junk files and folders from your PC using Disk Cleanup
  5. Upgrade your System’s Operating System if updates are available.
  6. Also give a check if the AOL Desktop Gold is updating automatically, if not update it manually to its latest version available.
  7. Keep a check on your internet connection as well. Poor internet connectivity can result in various problems

If the issue doesn’t get resolved through the above mentioned steps, Probably the error is falling in due to problem with system files. In the next and last step we will discuss how to fix the system files. But only the users with good technical knowledge should try executing this, if you aren’t a tech savy call technical support to help you on this.

  1. Follow the steps to fix system files:
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type sfc/scannow
  • If the scanning is not completed, you can use DSIM commands to complete the scan process.
  • Also, clean the registry entries that accumulate by the time to avoid further issues.
  • Another way out to fix system files is :

Go to ‘Control Panel’ and Choose ‘update and security’

Further proceed to ‘Recovery’ à Get Started

Choose ‘Reset this PC’ à ‘Keep my files’

Follow the prompts and wait for the process to get finished.

Still issues???? Call Technical support and they will direct you towards your solution.